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Posh Polish (Purple Panic- Solar Changing Color, Non-Toxic, 13-Free)


Ready for the kids to have some fun with safe polish?!

Purple Panic is a VERY pale pink (indoors) that changes to a light purple (outdoors) when exposed to UV light or under outdoor sunlight.

No guarantee effect if it is a cloudy or rainy day.
*For best results, apply 2-3 coats*

All nail polishes are non-toxic to the human body, and are 13-Free.
Vegan and Cruelty FREE
Below is a list of harmful chemicals NOT contained in any of our polishes
Nickel FREE, Rosin FREE, DPB FREE, Formaldehyde FREE, Formaldehyde Resin FREE, Tosylamide FREE, Toluene FREE, Camphor FREE, Xylene FREE, Ethyl Tosylamide FREE, Triphenyl Phosphate FREE, Paraben FREE, Animal Derivative FREE
Store in a cool and dry area
For best results please use within 18 months
10 ml bottle